H1 Duct Truck

Most Profitable Duct Truck to operate:

The H1 Air Duct Cleaning Truck Mount is brand new system for High powered air duct cleaning , completely redesigned from our older traditional design , the new updated technology is far more efficient , user friendly, offers better suction and most important it is far more profitable to operate .

Mount on Any 1 ton chassis:

The H1’s new design allows it to be mounted on pretty much any 1 ton truck chassis or larger , the box is made from Lightweight Aluminum fashioned after the same design characteristics that firetrucks are modeled after. The H1 standard length is now only 12 feet long while still giving you far more storage space then the older traditional 14 foot long model.

Half the weight doubles your savings:

The shorter box and lighter weight make the H1 run about half the weight of traditional trucks. This weight reduction seriously increases fuel savings while greatly reducing the wear and tear on the truck chassis’s vital components , meaning you will not only save a ton of money of fuel you will also be reducing breakdowns from worn out transmission, engines brakes and shocks . The aluminum body also gets rid of all the issues of rust and we also offer the body in either heavy duty paint or even powder coat for an extremely durable finish.

NO More PTO:

One of the biggest advantages to the new H1 design is there is no more Power Take Off ,

The high power vacuum no longer is powered by the trucks engine . Most people don’t realize it but the 300 HP engine under the hood only actually outputs around 60 HP to the fans drive shaft , so you’re wasting a lot of extra horsepower and burning a ton of extra fuel to power the fan when all you really needed was around 40 HP to power the fan and compressor, with the cost of fuel and repair bills this old method no longer makes any sense, not to mention drains your bank of any profit. We can deliver the same if not more suction than our older style trucks while running a smaller dedicated engine to power the fan saving you loads of money in fuel savings while using far less moving parts to wear out. Most importantly, our new system is far better for the environment by greatly reducing greenhouse gas emissions.