H1 Trailer


H1 Trailer

The suction of a duct truck at a fraction of the cost.

The duct truck shows your customer you mean business. Now you can have that same presence without giving up suction or breaking the bank with our new broken down version of the H1 Duct Truck now in trailer form. This unit includes everything you expect from the H1, but has the advantages of a trailer. Keep your truck for personal use while leaving your work behind – you won’t have to haul around a large Duct Truck every time you need to make a quick errand. 


The Power of a Duct Truck in a Trailer:

Keep the benefits of the H1 Duct Truck with no more Power Take Off (PTO) breaking down with too many moving parts, as well as the heavy duty suction from the HAVAC vac system. Suction is comparable to any competing duct truck on the market. Learn more about the HAVAC and the new Dynafin Blade.

Easy Clean Out Bin:

One of the benefits that the H1 Trailer includes from our H1 Duct Truck design is the easy clean out bin. Gone are the days when rain and moisture would turn your clean out area into a concrete mess, quickly rusting out your truck body. All debris gets blown into a simple plastic drum. This means no more trips to the dump as the debris can simply be removed with a garbage bag.

Exterior Hyperflow Filtration:

Exterior bag filtration gives you the presence of a duct truck, showing your customers that you mean business, while at the same time filtering out thousands of CFM of air flow. The custom Hyperflow material bag ensures quality filtration without risking residue migration into the fibers, ensuring you can use them over and over.

Your choice of Trailer:

Choose from our standard 7’x12′ trailer or larger for massive storage capacity. We can provide the trailer or have us use yours to suit your needs. Customize the shelving and flooring. You can even order the parts needed for the H1 Trailer and have them shipped to you so you can build it yourself. We give you the choice which gives you THE freedom to make your trailer how YOU want.