Havac Half ton Duct Truck


Fits anywhere:

The Havac isn’t just for half ton trucks , it can be easily fit into a cargo van , cube van or trailer equipped with a slide out cargo tray. The bag system can also be reconfigured to mount externally with the exhaust air blowing out the side as well. The Havac can be simply unbolted from the bed of your truck and can be made portable if needed, its small size and low weight means it can roll into elevators and be brought onto roof tops , something you just can’t do with a conventional duct truck

Steel Construction:

The Havac is steel where strength is critical and other areas like the filter box are made from thick aluminum to conserve weight.

Big Suction, tiny foot print:

The Havac uses our new EDT ( engine drive technolgy system) which uses a thick direct drive shaft system with a specialized coupling system. There is never any real weight on the blade so you no longer have to worry about cranks breaking under the stress of the blade , ( a concern on many direct blade mounted units)

Leave Breakdowns in the dust:

The Havac system has no belts to break or pulleys to wear out, The drive line couldn’t have been made any more simple, with a massive 2″ thick fan shaft, the best high quality bearings and a modern Kohler Engine there’s very little chance of breakdowns.

Fraction of the cost of an old duct truck:

When comparing the Havac to a traditional duct truck it not only much much lower in cost to purchase up front but also much lower in cost to operate and maintain. You will no longer be wearing out your trucks engine to run the fan, you won’t have PTO’s, bearings, belts and pulleys to breakdown which seriously keeps from working.