Runs in your van or out in the field:

The Hurican gas powered vac system is powerful enough to leave in your van or, for the really big jobs, portable enough to roll down a ramp and use when extreme suction is critical to the job.

Multiple filter options:

Your choice of big bag or, our unique filter box system which uses smaller bags.

ULTRA Light & Easy to Maneuver:

From the first time you use it you will know this is a unit truly designed by people who have mastered duct cleaning. The main housing is made from super thick 5052 Aluminum making the unit a full 125 pounds lighter then most other gas units running in the same class. The blade is made from hardened steel with reinforced gussets which can take a serious beating from debris.

Your choice of engine:

Your choice of optional 23 HP Briggs, 25HP EFI Briggs, 31HP Briggs, 35HP Briggs, or a 36 HP Briggs. Either of these engines will power through the toughest jobs.