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Air Duct, Dryer Vent Cleaning & Inspection in St.      Louis area.

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Updated: Oct 6, 2021

Our 1st Global Air duct cleaning St. Louis and dryer vent cleaning services are comprehensive, and our air purification systems are fairly priced and warranted. We come to your home prepared to clean any type of duct system using a combination of tools including, cable drives, air sweeps & whips, HEPA filtered vacuum and brush systems. We open and carefully clean each supply and return, clean the main trunk line, and sanitize all the register grills, We use drop cloths to protect your home, and when we leave, your home is clean.

Use 1st Global Air duct cleaning St. Louis Commercial & Residential Air Duct Replacement and Installation Commercial air conditioning systems get a workout, and utility bills can soar.

It is important to do everything possible to keep your system running efficiently on every level. People often think about the unit that is generating the cool air, but they never consider the condition of their air ducts. This is a huge mistake because air ducts are a very important part of the overall air conditioning system.

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